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The Favourite
This is my all time favourite show tractor. 1939 Fordson N Project of 5 years ago. During restoration, I had to replace the engine block due to frost - why do people never think of draining these wonderful engines in the bad weather??? I bought this tractor in 1995 in Tullow, Co Carlow and got great help to restore it from Aidan. It starts on two swings, has a high top gear and great on road runs.

Fordson N ploughing an English field (1994)

Fordson N
A lovely example of a Fordson N at work with a trailed plough in the UK.

Fordson F
This is the second ever production tractor. I took this photo in the Fordson Museum, Dearborn, Michigan. The tractor carries no serial numbers and was given as a gift by Henry Ford to a friend farmer in 1917 .

Fordson F on Spade Lugs

Our old farm Nutfield DM 4 Petrol/TVO
I learned to drive on this very fast tractor. These Petrol/TVO Nutfields ran sweetly but generally quite difficult to start (hot or cold due to poor carburation)

My Fergie runaround!
This is a 1947 Ferguson petrol/TVO, great starter and in good running order with a transport box.

My Fergie runaround! (Me on board)

Fordson N 1941 Oil Washer

Fuelling up before transporting to Stradbally show, Co Laois. (2003)

Fordson E27 N Major Petrol/TVO

Fordson E27 N Major
This origional Major 1946 is in "off farm" condition. Note the old type manifold, carb and exhaust.

Early Project

Early Project
This was an early project of a 1936 Fordson N. I got this tractor in Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath. It had been parked up for many years and we had to load it up with a JCB.

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